Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010

If I were a butterfly...

Ever since I was a kid I loved butterflies. We used to have them in our garden every summer and my sister and I would give them names and made up stories of their travels. So of course I squealed like a little girl when my first butterfly-postcard landed in my mailbox and thus a new addiction was born.
This peacock butterfly came all the way from the Netherlands and was sent by Lisette. She's apparently also a huge fan of this fragile creatures, even going as far as planting special flowers in her garden to attract them.

 Immediately after I received my first butterfly postcard I changed my profile asking people to send those cards if they would happen to have them lying around. And because postcrossers are awesome like that just a few days after Julia sent me another peacock butterfly from Bassum in Germany and Karin sent a card from Graz in Austria with many tiny ones flying around. 

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