Montag, 5. Juli 2010

sun, soccer and letter writing

I had the most phenomenal weekend!
A friend I hadn't seen for nearly a year finally came down from Berlin to visit. We spend two lazy days lying in the sun and enjoying the heat. Saturday turned out to be a good day for german soccer fans and we celebrated this victory through the whole night. It was too hot to sleep anyway. It's a miracle that I got any mail done at all, but somehow I managed to write a long overdue letter to the lovely Anastasia,

as well as two first letters to two potentially new penpals. It's sad how boring these envelopes look, but I am always a little hesitant to send decorated letters to people who might not like it. So boring, normal stationery it is.
A few postcards go out to lovely people on If you love sending and getting random things in your mail, this is the site for you!

And now it is just too hot to sit in front of my laptop any longer so have the rest of my outgoing mail in one picture:

And because it is monday let's end this post with some exceptionally good music and one of the best music videos ever produced:

Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010

last weeks incoming mail

Oh I love Tuesdays. Tuesdays are fun. Tuesdays are always really good mail days. Look what my ever so trustworthy mail delivery man brought today:

First thing I received was a copy of "Good Mail Day" by Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Gilligan Wheller. I haven't had the time yet to go through it, but I peeked at some of the mail art inside - brilliant work! Can't wait to get home and take my time to devour this book.
But this week was a good mail week in general. I got lots and lots of wonderful mail. In the first picture you can see a gorgeous vintage letter set which I found at a well known online auction site and that came earlier this week. A few gorgeous postcards from postcrossing arrived too:

 1. from Graeme (Australia) , 2. from Hanna (Ukraine) , 3. from Monika (Lithuania)

1. a gorgeous self painted postcard from Kris (USA), 2. a funny little dog from  wurlog in Vienna, 
3. this inspiration painter came form Denise (USA)

1. This beautiful view of the Charles Bridge in Prague came from Veronika as part of a private swap.
2. from another private swap this time with Suvi, came this map card of Europa. I love this card because all the countries are labeled in finish and swedish and I think it's interesting to search for speech differences.
3. all the way from Weirs Beach, New Hampshire came this gorgeous view of Lake Winnipersaukee, according to Dibbie this is a hot spot for motorcyclists and sun bathers.
4. Just one butterfly arrived this week - but a beautiful one- It's a Common Blue Morpho and was sent by Amie from Houston, Texas.

Last but not least came an amazing card from Adrienne (New Zealand). It's a maxi card with a view over Milford Sound to Mitre Peak.

Montag, 28. Juni 2010

Music Monday

Technically it's not monday anymore but who cares, have some music anyway.

I love 30 seconds to mars. Period. And no I don't call myself "emo" and I don't care what everone else says. I just like them - and their videos.

On another note, I received this wonderful card from Felice and happily stuck it to the other butterflies on my photowall.

Great mistake. The moment my roommate saw this newest addition - she frantically demanded that I took it down, because that is apparently a moth and not a butterfly. That's life with a zoologist - crazy!

Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

good mail day

I received the most gorgeous butterfly card today. It was from Loes on Postcrossing and apart from being a beautiful addition to my collection this butterfly wears the german collors ;D I have no idea what this species is called officially but henceforth I shall name him "german flag butterfly". Oh I love getting mail.

Other than that I sent a few cards out myself, as well as letters to my penpals in India and the Netherlands.

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010

sometimes people surprise you...

... in a good way.   
 Today I found a suspicious looking envelope in my mailbox, but it was too thick to be just a bill. Guess what I discovered after opening it.

Three postcards and a little note "Thank you for following my blog". It came from Igor who writes a great blog in german. Go check him out!
I was so happy about this unexpected surprise that I just had to sent something back. Because he blogged once about this toppic - then and now - I chose two viewcard of the same building - now and then ;D

Other than that I finished writing 27 postcards for a new round robin at the postcrossing forum.

And I prepared a little "get well soon" envelope for lovely Eva, 'cause she's feeling a little sick at the moment.

Montag, 21. Juni 2010

Music Monday

I was thinking that this blog needs some kind of schedule. I am good with schedules so maybe this will keep me on track with my posts. So today I participate in my own version of the Twitter Hashtag  #MusicMonday.   Everyone likes a bit of music in their day right?

So let's have a look at my newest obsession: Patrick Wolf. This guy is awesome, not only because he plays every instrument known to mankind but because he mixes classical music with electronic sounds and that is exactly what I like best.

If you like what you hear, go check out his homepage, where you can get additional music samples and videos.

But on to the really important things of life - mail.
I had a slow weekend. Lot's of rain and grey clouds kept me inside, snuggled up on my sofa and lots of time to catch up with some tags and swap-postcards.
my outgoing postcards

 a few new butterflies for my collection 

 1. Goßlar in Germany from Danyel, 2. Nördlingen in Germany from Nordseefan through the german round robin 
3. this is actually a card I had marked as a favorite and Iomen, who originally sent the card, contacted me to ask if I would be interested in a private swap - of course I was ;D Isn't this card gorgeous?
4. this lovely multiview postcard comes from my very first postcard-pal Magda from Poland and shows the Millenium Bridge, the city hall, the Raclawice Panorama and the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw.

1. this beautiful windmill comes from Aurora in Campo de Cripta, Spain. These windmills are world famous, even Miguel de Cervantes mentioned them in his "Don Quixote". Since 1978, the entire group of windmills was declared a Monument of Historical-Artistic Interest, which today is referred to as a Cultural Heritage Site[1].
2. Kaheli sends greetings from Finland and 3. Cathy from France.
1. A picture of the most visited tourist attraction of Ireland [2] arrived from Elke.
2. Vaishakhi sent my first postcard from India and even decorated it with the most lovely butterfly sticker on the back ;D
3. This card shows one of the few remaining "gin pole" installations in Red Wing, Minnesota and was sent by Jason. These Floating oathouses ride up and down on poles, adjusting to the river level. 
4. And lastly Gerrit sent this lovely little card from Amersfoort in the Netherlands.