Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

good mail day

I received the most gorgeous butterfly card today. It was from Loes on Postcrossing and apart from being a beautiful addition to my collection this butterfly wears the german collors ;D I have no idea what this species is called officially but henceforth I shall name him "german flag butterfly". Oh I love getting mail.

Other than that I sent a few cards out myself, as well as letters to my penpals in India and the Netherlands.


  1. Wow, gorgeous envelopes;) It'd be a joy to receive one like this in the mail:)

  2. What a beautiful butterfly postcard! I usually collect animal-themed stamps, and such photos of different fauna interest me. You sure are lucky to have lots of penpals across the globe. That word, I’m talking about penpal, is seldom being used these days because of emails and instant chats such as Skype.
    I checked out one of my favorite online stamp catalogues and searched on the stamps of Russia. I found that the 20C stamp was issued on July 7, 2005 Definitive Issue - Flowers. It is part of a 2-stamp set. Its scientific name is Tagetes erecta.