Montag, 5. Juli 2010

sun, soccer and letter writing

I had the most phenomenal weekend!
A friend I hadn't seen for nearly a year finally came down from Berlin to visit. We spend two lazy days lying in the sun and enjoying the heat. Saturday turned out to be a good day for german soccer fans and we celebrated this victory through the whole night. It was too hot to sleep anyway. It's a miracle that I got any mail done at all, but somehow I managed to write a long overdue letter to the lovely Anastasia,

as well as two first letters to two potentially new penpals. It's sad how boring these envelopes look, but I am always a little hesitant to send decorated letters to people who might not like it. So boring, normal stationery it is.
A few postcards go out to lovely people on If you love sending and getting random things in your mail, this is the site for you!

And now it is just too hot to sit in front of my laptop any longer so have the rest of my outgoing mail in one picture:

And because it is monday let's end this post with some exceptionally good music and one of the best music videos ever produced:

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